Ruben Topchiyan

First Vice President, ASE JSC, Director of Joint Design Institute


Born on May 3, 1966 in Moscow.

In 1988, Mr. Topchiyan graduated from department “Water Supply and Sewage” of Moscow Construction Engineering Institute of the Order of the Red Banner of Labor named after V.V. Kuibyshev with a degree of Construction Engineer and, in 2003, he completed the course in Central Scientific and Research Design Experimental Institute of Industrial Structures. PhD in Engineering Science.

Mr. Topchiyan is doctor of technical sciences.

From September 1988 to April 1990 Mr. Topchiyan worked in the Installation Division of Mosenergomontazh Trust.

In April 1990, Mr. Topchiyan was hired by Atomenergoproekt as Design Engineer, and from 1990 to August 2017 he rose to Deputy Director General — Director of Moscow Design Institute.

Since August 2017Mr. Topchiyan has been Senior Vice President for Design of JSC ASE EC.

Mr. Topchiyan was awarded the medal of the order “Merit for the Motherland” of the 2nd degree and a range of industry awards.