Integrated Tests of Process Safety Systems Completed Successfully at Start-Up Unit 1 of Belarus NPP

Within the program of hot functional testing of the reactor plant, one of the most important and reliable phases has been completed successfully at Unit 1 of Belarus NPP (General Designer and General Contractor is Rosatom State Corporation Engineering Division). This is integrated testing of process safety systems with an imitation of primary circuit coolant leak and integrated trial run of auxiliary power supply system at short-term loss of supply, including the mode of total blackout at the unit.
During the integrated tests, automatic start-up of all four diesel-generator units (DGU) of emergency power supply system and one DGU of normal power supply system was tested with connection of design loads under the set algorithm of automatic DG load pickup sequencer. Besides, there was an operability check of emergency system mechanisms of all four safety trains under continuous operation for twelve hours at a signal “Leak in Circuit 1” from the main control room.
“The tests went successfully and without complaint at the first try. Criteria of successful testing have been met in accordance with pre-commissioning work programs”, was noted by Mr. Vitaly Polyanin, Vice President of ASE EC JSC and Director of Belarus NPP Construction Project. “These tests actually complete phase А-3.2 “RP hot functional test” at Unit 1. All we are left to do is to carry out several tests during the primary circuit draining”.
Belarus NPP with two VVER-1200 reactors having a total capacity of 2400 MW is being constructed in Ostrovets (Republic of Belarus). To construct the first NPP in Belarus, it has been decided to rely on the Russian 3+ generation design that is fully compliant with the international standards and IAEA safety recommendations.
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