The Engineering Division held a presentation of VR-simulators prototypes for high-rise installers and welders


The presentation of two prototypes of VR-simulators for training high-rise installers and welders was held on April 9, 2021 at the training center in the Ershovo park-hotel near Moscow as part of the JSC ASE digital laboratory (integrates the digitalization unit, communications management, personnel management unit, capital investments management unit of JSC ASE, as well as PE Cifrum and NRNU MEPhI).

Following the presentation results, instructors for training the working personnel of subsidiary construction organizations of the Engineering Division - Trest RosSEM LLC, Energospecmontazh JSC and NIKIMT-Atomstroy JSC - expressed their suggestions for improving the presented prototypes.

“We received an informative feedback. We will expand the functionality of the simulators so that such procedures as the use of personal protective equipment, the installation of anchor points, descent and ascent to a height, and so on can be worked out”, - Ekaterina Potemkina said, an expert of the communication department of JSC ASE EC, one from the authors of the idea of a VR-simulator for high-rise works.

“During a week, we will analyze the comments received and decide how to further improve our prototypes of VR-simulators and move on to scaling this technology to help our subsidiary construction companies,” Valeriy Shirokov said, the leading engineer of digitalization management for NPP construction projects at ASE JSC, curator of the course for the development and implementation of VR-simulators for assemblers and welders.

“The simulators for welding and works at height are well developed, but require development in terms of detalization. I believe that VR-technologies can be used in training, but only if workers are ready to use them, and the prices for sets of equipment and software are adequate”, - Vladislav Zorin said, the technical director of the Laboratory of Distance Education Systems (company- contractor for personnel training of the Engineering Division of Rosatom).

Virtual reality (VR) technologies are planned to be used at the initial stage of training. They will allow reducing the time for screening workers who do not meet professional requirements, shortening the period of basic training for high-rise installers and welders, developing skills for safe work at height and using of various installation technologies, and initial welding skills. Besides, the VR-simulator enables to save consumables. The use of simulators does not replace the usual certification procedures, after the virtual training course, the worker must pass an exam on real stands.

The idea of ​​using VR-simulators for training workers was suggested by the employees of the communications department of JSC ASE EC, Ekaterina Potemkina and Ekaterina Aleksandrova. The product development is carried out by the specialists of the digital laboratory of JSC ASE together with PE Cifrum.