Industrial Safety

Industrial safety means protection of vital interests of human beings and society against accidents at hazardous industrial facilities and consequences of such accidents.

Industrial safety in JSC ASE EC and the companies of the engineering division is ensured in accordance with the requirements of the regulatory and legal documents of RF and the industrial regulatory documents of Rosatom State Corporation.

In order to implement the Unified Industry Policy of Rosatom State Corporation, the Policy in the Field of Industrial Safety [1] was approved and accepted for guidance and execution in the Management Company of the Engineering Division.

Organization of the system of industrial safety management in the engineering division if based on the Provisions on industrial safety management of hazardous facilities. The system of industrial safety management provides for a number of interrelated organizational and technical measures performed by the companies of the engineering division with the purpose of preventing accidents and incidents at hazardous industrial facilities, of localization and elimination of the consequences of such accidents.

The the system of industrial safety management in the engineering division embraces not only the organizations of the division that operate hazardous industrial facilities, but also the contractors that perform works at nuclear facilities construction sites.

Within the framework of internal control of safety and quality for safety assurance, a multi-staged control system over the observance of industrial safety requirements, is provided for.

The companies of the industrial divisions that operate hazardous industrial facilities, ensure control over the observation of industrial safety requirements, in accordance with the provisions of the Resolution of RF Government dated 10.03.1999 No 263 “On Organization and Performance of Industrial Control over the Observation of industrial safety requirements at hazardous industrial facilities”. Industrial control includes the following elements:

– Annual planning of measures in the field of assurance of industrial safety and control over their execution.

– Planning of events aimed at prevention of accidents at hazardous industrial facilities and assurance of readiness to localization of accidents and elimination of their consequences.

– Compulsory civil liability insurance for infliction of damage as a result of accidents at a hazardous industrial facility.

– Certification of responsible specialists in the field of industrial safety, checking the knowledge of operating personnel.

– Inspections of compliance with the industrial safety requirements.

– Technical certification of the operated equipment.

– Expert reviews of industrial safety.

– Analysis of industrial safety status at the level of the company and the division.

– Annual submission of reports to the General Inspection of Rosatom State Corporation and Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service.

Management of industrial safety of construction site is organized at the level of JSC ASE EC, the managing company of the engineering division. Management is performed in three main interaction fields: Information exchange, control actions and supervision.