Guidelines of Innovation Activities

The main areas of Rosatom State Corporation’s innovation activities are such as:

Technological platforms

As part of the innovation activities, the Rosatom State Corporation is one of the customers of the Federal target programme “Nuclear power technologies of new generation within 2010-2015 and for the perspective till 2020” and participates in implementation of the Commission project under the President of the Russian Federation for upgrading and technological development of the Russia’s economy “New technological platform: Closed nuclear fuel cycle and fast reactors”.

The main purpose of the programme is to develop nuclear fast reactors/with the closed nuclear fuel cycle which would allow enhancing of the efficiency of the use of the natural uranium and the spent nuclear fuel. In particular, the increase of efficiency of use of the natural uranium in the nuclear fuel cycle will will reach the level of 31,8% by 2020 as compared to 2009 (the year of the beginning of implementation of the programme) and the amount of stored spent nuclear fuel and RAW will be reduced by 31.1%.

In order to achieve the declared goals, the strategic research programme is carried out including research of new methods of use of nuclear energy. Rosatom invites higher education institutions, small- and medium-size businesses to participate in this programme. The more detailed information about the programme is in the attached materials.

Supercomputer technologies

The supercomputer technologies are considered to be the most important areas of development in the Russian Federation. The Rosatom State Corporation having the largest in Russia computer centres has the leading position in development of such technologies. In 2009, the Rosatom State Corporation and the management of several other industries of the Russian Federation put forward several initiatives aimed to develop the country’s supercomputer technologies and implement them at enterprises of high-tech industries. These proposals were discussed at the meeting of the Commission under the RF President for upgrading and technological development of Russia’s economy and at the Council under the RF President for development of information society in the Russian Federation. Following the results of the discussions, strategic goals and lines of development of supercomputer technologies in Russia, an innovation project of “Development of supercomputers and grid-technologies” Commission was approved among others that was implemented by the Rosatom State Corporation and the RF Ministry of communication in joint cooperation with developers of application software and enterprises of high-tech industries.

Operational targets of accelerated development of supercomputer technologies for the near-term perspective (3-5 years) — such as expanding the range of consumers, creating of industrial virtual design technologies at supercomputer are being developed as part of activities of the working group of the Commission “Strategic Computer Technologies and Software”.

Strategic tasks such as the creation of exascale supercomputer technologies by 2020 are being developed by the Rosatom State Corporation in cooperation with specialized organizations and universities (the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Moscow State University, etc.) as part of the IWG’s work on the development of the supercomputer industry and their application in the industry that is headed by Director General of the Rosatom State Corporation S.V. Kirienko.

The Concept of development of brand new technology of high performance computing on the basis of exascale supercomputer for 2012-2020 was developed in 2011, where the main priority lines of development of supercomputer technologies in the Russian Federation were stated and the main stages of works were specified.

The development of these technologies is a complex task and its implementation is possible only in joint collaboration of R&D and design organizations, businesses, scientific and educational institutions. In the nearest time it will be necessary to develop a long-term programme of works based on the current needs and specified in the Concept of prospective development of supercomputer technologies.

This works is the basis for the activities formed by the National supercomputer technological platform.