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The Company Background

The Rosatom State Corporation Engineering Division includes companies that perform project management, design and survey works, construction and installation works related to construction of high power NPP on the Russian and overseas markets.

The detailed list of Engineering Division companies is given in “Management scope” section. 

The Rosatom State Corporation Engineering Division holds first place globally in the number of NPP constructed abroad simultaneously and in the project portfolio for NPP construction. It operates in Europe, Middle East and Northern Africa, as well as in Asian-Pacific region.

About 80% of the Division’s income are accounted for by foreign projects.

The Engineering Division implements design and construction projects for high-power NPPs both in Russia and abroad, renders a full range of EPC, EPC(M) services including project management and designing and develops Multi-D technologies for management of complex engineering facilities. The Engineering Division rests upon the record of achievement of the nuclear power industry in Russia and innovative state-of-the-art technologies.

We construct reliable and safe NPPs with 3+Gen VVER reactors that are in line with all international requirements and recommendations.