Environmental aspect (E)

Environmental agenda of the division

In their activities, the companies of the Engineering Division adhere to the principles of sustainable development, also in the field of environmental impact. Taking into account the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the Division’s organizations, while designing and constructing NPPs with VVER reactors of Safety Generation III+, contribute to improving nuclear technologies and reducing environmental impact, ensuring the preservation, protection and restoration of the integrity of the Earth ecosystems.

Environmental impact management is implemented at all the stages of NPP construction. The site of an NPP is selected on the basis of environmental legislation considering the location of specially protected natural areas. In order to obtain the necessary and sufficient data on the environmental condition of the area and the NPP location site, the Engineering Division conducts an environmental impact assessment. The report with the assessment results is demonstrated at public hearings. Confirmation of environmental safety during construction and operation of the NPP is carried out in the process of environmental monitoring and industrial environmental control, which is performed on a continuous basis.