Engineering division activities facilitates achievement of the following objectives


— accessibility of cost-effective, reliable and up-to-date power sources for everybody;

—promotion of progressive and sustainable economic development, total, labour-saving and fair employment for everybody

— reliable infrastructure, promotion of technologies and innovations, useful for human life and activity.

Engineering division pursues objectives in the area of sustainable development declared by the UNO over the period up to 2030.

The Division’s site contains the section “Social responsibility” where information on the activity regarding corporate social responsibility and sustainable development is disclosed.

Sustainability agenda

— Safety and reliability of nuclear facilities are our primary concern and we are responsible for the results of our activities.

— all aspects of environmental safety are a matter of primary importance for us and they are considered during development of NPP construction projects. We carry out continuous environmental control at construction objects.

— We develop and implement innovation technologies for project management and construction of complex engineering facilities.

— we are a responsible employer and make a significant contribution to the social and economic development of the areas of our operations.

— We are transparent and accountable to shareholders, consumers, partners, suppliers, employees, population of the areas of our operations and other stakeholders.

— We facilitate building of a peace-loving and open community in favour of sustainable development, we strive to maintain efficient interfaces with our stakeholders in all substantial aspects of activities and strive to achieve the goals of sustainable development in all regions of our operation.