The sustainable development agenda is integrated into the Rosatom State Corporation activity strategy. Guided by the Strategy of Rosatom State Corporation, the Engineering Division is involved in designing and construction of high power NPPs in Russia and abroad based on the commitment to the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact and maximum contribution to the achievement of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. We are making a contribution to improvement of the living standards of the people in the regions of operation both in Russia and abroad.

The Engineering Division understands sustainable business development as a type of activity that satisfies both the criteria of economic and ecological feasibility and social interests of the society and states. The Division pays special attention to the issues of sustainable development and maintains high standards in the field of occupational health, safety and environment.

Taking into account the scale and the specific character of its activities - NPP construction projects - the Engineering Division makes a significant contribution into the achievement of the following sustainable development goals:

Providing the population with safe and pure energy
Nuclear power plants constructed by the Division provide the regions and their population with stable low carbon electric energy during the whole period of the power plant operation (over 60 years with a possibility to extend the service life).

Contribution to economic development of regions of operation
High power NPP construction projects make a significant positive contribution to the economic development and improvement of the quality of living in the region both through the GDP growth and additional tax revenues for the national budget. In addition, the Division has an impact on the development of local business by entering into subcontracts and ordering goods from local suppliers.

Development of urban infrastructure in the countries of operation
A high power NPP construction project is a major infrastructural project, which makes a contribution into the development of the region of construction: new jobs are created, local industry is developed, social and transport infrastructure is arranged. Besides, centers for training of personnel to operate the NPP are established in the region.

Rational use of natural resources (power efficiency)
The main objective of NPP design and construction by the Engineering Division is the NPP safety. Efficient use of resources (human and power resources, materials, etc.) is one of the priorities of the Division; it is defined in the strategic goal for reducing NPP construction time and costs. The culture of lean production is being introduced at NPP construction sites and in companies of the Division, due to the development of Rosatom Production System (RPS).

Environmental and industrial safety at facilities being constructed
Nuclear energy is a low carbon source: direct emissions of CO2 from an NPP operation are equal to zero. Greenhouse gas emissions over the entire life cycle of NPPs are minimal, which puts nuclear power on the same level with wind, solar and hydropower.

Partnership in the interests of sustainable development
The Engineering Division assists in the expansion of environmentally friendly technologies on mutually beneficial terms, including preferential terms. The Division fosters relations on the global, regional and local level; it develops partners’ relationship with the governments, business and community in the regions of operation.