Multi-D digital platform

ASE Group of Companies is one of the leaders at the global market of nuclear engineering accounting for over 30% of the global NPP construction projects. In order to implement such stock of orders, the company has developed and applied its own project management methodology that is being improved by the country’s best experts.

ASE Group of Companies has adopted the classic matrix of management objects and processes. At the same time, it has developed its own methodology based on the BIM technologies. It has developed and implemented 16 tools each of them being a unique information system that allows tracking of the project management process status and manage its configuration.

ASE’s particular feature regarding rendering of consulting services is customization of its own many-years’ experience and application of methodology in organization of the company’s project-focused structure.

The company’s project management team involves 1600 persons and is headed by Alexander Konstantinovich Polushkin, the Technical Director and globally recognized expert that was the second in Russia to be certified in line with the international IPMA Level A in 2003. 30 persons in Russia in total have certificates of such level.

The development of system engineering and IT-solutions within the company is the area of activity of Vyacheslav Vladimirovich Alenkov, Director for System Engineering and IT, certified in IMPA Level B. He is one of the key developers of the Multi-D® Platform for capital construction facilities life cycle management . Owing to this Platform, we are now ahead of our competitors.

Multi-D® Digital platform for complex capital facilities lifecycle management

The centre of ASE project management system is the Multi-D technology aimed at optimization of construction and erection works and based on the detailed planning of the working operations sequence. The Multi-D® is the digital platform that unifies information systems for data management at various stages of the complex engineering object lifecycle in order to ensure more efficient capital object management and optimization of its time and cost. The Multi-D® provides for not only capital object management with the help of and based on the information model developed according to the BIM advanced international standards. Multi-D® develops a package of additional applications by integration of information systems of various enterprises to create end-to-end digital chains of production links.

Multi-D instruments are being developed and improved. The package includes such instruments as:

— Multi-D Unified Schedule — the unique system based on the registered ASE technology that provides coordination and integration of various kinds of calendar plans and schedules into the unified information medium.

— Multi-D Risk Management — the system implement multi-faceted information support for and exchange between participants of the risk management process and provides a distributed access to and protection of the data in terms of editing and deletion risks

— Multi-D Work Packages — automated system of work tasks generation and issuance, construction process management and information support in the aspect of logistics, human resources, project timing, planning, monitoring and visualization of works implementation at the construction site.

— Multi-D Issue Tracking — the system ensures automation of tracking and escalation of the questionable issues that may arise in the course of the complex engineering objects construction.

— Multi-D Information Management System (IMS) — forming of a unified information space to ensure management of complex engineering facilities lifecycle including configuration management processes.

— Multi-D Document Management — Multi-D IMS system module that can be operated as a separate system, guarantees on-line interchange of technical electronic documents, speeding up the documentation approval procedures and provides a means for information and data collection, storage, search, access control and processing at all stages of complex engineering objects lifecycle.

— Multi-D E-catalogue — system to generate electronic databases and classifiers of complex engineering facilities equipment and materials including their technical specification, associated documents and 3D-models, to provide efficient interfaces with suppliers and contractors.

— Multi-D Requirements Management — full-scale requirements management system that ensures detection, tracking, storage and tracing of requirements, their follow-up, data transfer into the information management system and design system.

— Multi-D Operations — Complex system of enterprise’s assets management at the stages of operation and decommissioning of complex engineering objects that maintain requirements related to maintenance and repair and operation process management in integration with the information facility model.

— Multi-D Suppliers Management — the system ensures interface with equipment suppliers, visualization of periods of equipment and material supplies, current statuses according to contract obligations, automation of activities related go agreement of the technical Specification.

— Multi-D Field Engineering — the system of monitoring and operative construction process management of complex engineering facilities that is a portal for managers of all levels and the headquarters of facility construction. The system can be installed in specialized info booths immediately at the construction site.

— Multi-D Conformance Management — the system is designated for non-conformance record and management of their follow-up.

— Multi-D Contract Management — the contract management system including the claim work

 Multi-D Conformity — the system ensures interface with technical regulators regarding exchange of information for projects and security issues, compliance with norms and standards

— Multi-D Analytics — the system provides for collection, categorization and graphic presentation of various analytical information about the progress of the complex engineering facilities construction.

— Multi-D Cost Management — the system provides the basis for the complex engineering object construction cost management as part of the established cost rates.

International recognition of the project management system Unique features, maturity and significance of the project management system and Multi-D platform are recognized both at the Russian and international levels:

— In 2016, JSC ASE EC was recognized as having the 3rd class competence in the area of global project management based on IPMA-Delta model (unique in Russia)

— It won the first prize in the nomination “Operational Excellence” at the International Nuclear Exhibition WNE in Le Bourget (with Apave and EDF as competitors).

— It won the international Fiatech CETI Award competition (mega-project nomination) held in the USA, 2016 where it with the project “Development of complex solutions for NPP project management throughout the lifecycle based on Multi-D® technologies applied at the Rostov NPP”

— It won in the All-Russia Competition “BIM-Technologies 2016” with the Kursk NPP-2 project.

— the team of JSC ASE young experts won the All-Russia Worldskills championship: Digitalskills 2017 in the nomination “Machine learning”