Social aspect (S)

Social agenda of the Division

The Engineering Division aims to unify approaches to personnel motivation and non-discrimination in all countries of operation.

The Division applies Unified Industry Personnel Policy of Rosatom State Corporation, which defines the goals, principles, directions and mechanisms for implementing the HR management policy. The HR policy is aimed at maximal development of the human potential, which corresponds to the strategic vision of Rosatom State Corporation. At the same time, depending on the specifics of the national legislation and the situation in the country of operation, an individual approach to the implementation of HR and social policies may be applied.

The essence of the corporate culture of the Division is commitment to the principle of ethics. The Code of Ethics and Official Conduct for employees of Rosatom State Corporation is applied in the Division, an Ethics Commission has been established. All the employees of the Division familiarize themselves with the Code when signing the employment contract.

Social policy management is performed in accordance with the principles of Unified Industrial Social Policy. Special attention is paid to social support and material and non-material incentives aimed an enhancement of the employee’s interest in achieving high results.

To ensure safe and healthy working conditions, safety of production processes and work performance, reduce the risks of occupational injuries and occupational diseases, the companies of the Division have introduced and operate an occupational safety management system. All the employees of the Division are covered by the occupational safety management system.

Respecting labor rights is one of the governing principles of the activities of the Division. The companies of the Division strictly comply with the valid legislation of the Russian Federation and the legislations of the countries of operation. The issues of observance of human rights, including labor rights, are reflected in the Unified Industry Policy on Human Rights, introduced in 2022 for Rosatom State Corporation and its companies.

Employees are provided with equal opportunities to realize their labor rights regardless of sex, race, nationality, origin, property, social and official status, age, place of residence, attitude to religion, political views, as well as other circumstances not related to the employee’s business qualities. Forced labor and child labor are not applied, discrimination in the field of labor is excluded.