ASE International Photo Awards

ASE (Engineering Division of Rosatom State Corporation) announces the beginning of competition - ASE International Photo Awards 2020.

Competition task:

Providing the wide audience with the opportunity to get acquainted with the life, cultural wealth, national identity, social and economic features of the countries of the Company’s business operations.

The competition has opened for professional photographers, as well as amateur photographers, over 18 years, from countries of ASE territory of operation, such as: India, Bangladesh, Egypt, China, the Republic of Belarus, Hungary, Finland, Turkey, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Uzbekistan, Russia.

The participants compete in 5 nominations:

1 “Atom is here” is photos reflecting the good neighborhood relations of the nature and society with nuclear energy, its safety and environmental friendliness. The photos may contain images of nuclear power plants both constructed and under construction;

2 “My country” is photos reflecting cultural diversity and national colour, expressed through life, clothing, customs of the country or region;

3 “Still frame” is photos as untold stories depicting the heartbeat of life, a narrative suggesting the further unfolding of the plot as it is suggested by the viewer’s imagination. The object of the photograph can be people, animals, architecture, nature and their interaction with each other;

4 “Conversation with the nature” is photographs that allow contemplating and feeling the diversity and grandeur of the world and at the same time the fragility, unique character and beauty of each separate event. The object of the photograph can be animals in their natural habitat, natural phenomena and landscapes, everything that makes us stop for a moment and wonder what a beautiful planet we live on..;

5 “We are what we eat” is photographs reflecting the peculiar character of national cuisine, traditions and customs of cooking, as well as rites associated with eating.

Photo should correspond to the competition nominations and tell about one of ASE operation countries.

The competition accepts:

— Single photo;
— Series of photos (up to 5 photos)

Minor photo processing is allowed, such as cropping, correction of the white balance to the correct one, density correction (brightness, contrast).

Framed photos, collages, photos passed to significant computer processing are not accepted. Editing, deleting, replacement, or change of a part of the image are not allowed.

The works are uploaded in the JPG format of the files. The allowable shrinkage is not less than 11. The size of the picture is not less than 2200 pixels on the short side and not more than 5700 pixels on the long side.

The name of the file should include the serial number of the work, the name and family name of the author, the title of the work and the year of its creation, separated by the low line, for example: 01_Ivan_Petrov_Tiger_2020. The name of the files is specified only in Latin script. The allowable size of the file does not exceed 20 MB. All EXIF data should be also saved.

The winners will be awarded at the Award Ceremony with memorable prizes and an unforgettable trip to Russia. The best works will be included in the final catalogue and will be presented at photo exhibitions planned to be held in the ASE organizations.

You can apply for participation in the competition from July 17, 2020 to September 17, 2020 by e-mail