ASE International Photo Awards

ASE (Rosatom State Corporation Engineering Division) announces the beginning of competition for photojournalists of foreign media.

International photojournalist competition ASE International Photo Awards has opened for full-time and part-time photographers of foreign media over 18 years. Those media representatives can participate in the competition who operate on ASE territory of operation in the following countries: India, Iran, Bangladesh, Egypt, China, the Republic of Belarus, Hungary.

The participants compete in 4 nominations:

1 Energy of the future photos showing the changes of life in NPP construction regions, neighbourly relations of the nature and nuclear power.

2 People photos focusing on the man, its fate and its overcoming, efforts to change life for the best.

3 Cities social photos that reflect challenges facing the contemporary world and simultaneously its beauty.

4 Wildlife photos that allow us to see and feel the diversity of the world in its beauty that reflect feelings and emotions roused by the environment.

The competition accepts:

— Single photo;
— Series of photos (up to 5 photos)
— Mobile photo (photos made by smartphones or ipads, including iPhones or iPad)

Minor photo processing is allowed, such as cropping, correction of the white balance to the correct one, density correction (brightness, contrast).

Framed photos, collages, photos passed to significant computer processing are not accepted. Editing, deleting, replacement, or change of a part of the image are not allowed.

The works are uploaded in the JPG format of the files. The allowable shrinkage is not less than 10. The size of the picture is not less than 2200 pixels on the short side and not more than 5700 pixels on the long side.

The name of the file should include the serial number of the work, the name and family name of the author, the title of the work and the year of its creation, separated by the low line, for example: 01_Ivan_Petrov_Tiger_2018. The name of the files is specified only in Latin script. The allowable size of the file does not exceed 20 MB. All EXIF data should be also saved.

Only photos created from January 1, 2018 are allowed to participate in the competition.

The winners will be nominated by the competent international jury. The best works will be exhibited at the photo exhibition.

The works are accepted by e-mail before February 10, 2019.

The full list of requirements is listed in the Regulations on the Competition.