Annual Report

The Rosatom State Corporation Engineering Division has been issuing public integrated annual reports since 2009 that disclose financial and non-financial results of activities within the reporting period. The scope of information consolidation is expanding in the reports along with the scope of the division’s management. The reports are issued in Russian and English.

Preparation of public reports allows the company to communicate adequately and consistently with the whole range of stakeholders, such as: Prospective customers, suppliers, contractors, representatives of public and environmental agencies.

The preparation of public reports in line with international standards enhances the quality of corporate management, mitigates the company’s reputational risks and ensures that the public accepts the business in the areas of its operations. The process of collecting the information and its structure encourage the division employees to form an analytical approach to the accomplished operational tasks and enhances their involvement in the activities. And now, the complete, multi-faceted and vivid information about the company’s activities in Russian and English is always available for the board-level management which is useful for business negotiations, certification and customer’s audits.

The reports meet international, Russian and industrial standards in the area of information disclosure, such as

– АА1000 series standards (Institute of Social and Ethical Accountability),

– Global Reporting Initiative Series of sustainability standards (GRI SRS)

– Integrated Reporting International Standard (International <IR> Framework)

Regulatory and legal framework of the Russian Federation

– Federal Law No. 208-FZ dated. 26.12.1995 “On Joint Stock Companies” (as amended on 07.03.2018)

– Regulation of the Bank of Russia No. 454-P dd. 30.12.2014 “On information disclosure by emitters of issuable securities” (as amended on 27.09.2017)

– Letter by the Bank of Russia No.0652/2463 dd. 10.04.2014 “On the corporate management code”.

– Federal Law No. 5485-1-FZ dd. 21.07.1993 "On Commercial Secret".

– Federal Law No.98-FZ dd. 29.07.2004 "On Commercial Secret".

– “On information, information technologies and security”

– Federal Law No. 129-FZ of 21.11.1996 “On accounting”.

Rosatom State Corporation Regulatory documents

– Policy of Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation in the area of public accountability

– Public annual reporting model standard for Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation’s key organizations (in view of public accountability)

– Ethical code of the Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation

Regulatory documents of the Engineering Division:

– Regulation on JSC ASE EC Stakeholders Commission

– Regulation on JSC ASE EC Public Accountability Committee

– Company standard STO 8841271.012– 2016 “Procedure for elaboration of the Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation’s public annual report for the reporting period”