Social responsibility

ASE Group of companies attaches special importance to the factor of social stability which is the basis for sustainable development of business, the state and society and considers social responsibility to be one of the main principles of its activity.

In accordance with the principle of social responsibility, the company should:

– respect the legislation, ensuring openness and transparency of activities;

– respect human rights;

– form its strategy taking into account the interests of society as a whole;

– provide dynamic development, maintain a balance of interests of stakeholders;

– follow the generally accepted moral and ethical standards;

– take into account the interests of future generations, striving to improve the living conditions of the population and ensuring a high level of safety of activities;

– consistently work to ensure professional growth and improve the quality of life of the company’s employees.

Following the principle of social responsibility guarantees the company’s sustainable long-term business development, reduces social, political, reputational risks.

The NPP construction on the turnkey basis is a long process, which takes about five years. JSC ASE EC creates high added value not alone, but acts as well as the largest taxpayer in the regional and local budgets; moreover, it is a customer of products procured from local suppliers.

By placing orders at power mechanical engineering enterprises located on the construction site, the company has the direct impact on related industries.