NIKIMT-Atomstroy JSC

NIKIMT-Atomstroy JSC — engineering, construction, design, research and production company performing research and development works, development of technological processes, design and engineering surveys.

Main types of works of NIKIMT-Atomstroy JSC:

  • general construction and heat installation works, including turnkey works at NPP construction sites in Russia and abroad;
  • production of equipment and construction materials for nuclear power facilities (NPPs);
  • construction, reconstruction, and modernization of SNF and RW management facilities;
  • development of integrated technological processes for installation, overhaul and reconstruction of nuclear reactors and equipment for various purposes;
  • certification of enterprises, technologies and personnel.


NIKIMT-Atomstroy JSC includes 8 branches:

  • NIKIMT Pilot Plant and NIKIMT Research Institute (Moscow)
  • Obninsk Engineering Center of NIKIMT
  • Separate subdivision of NIKIMT-Atomstroy JSC Directorate at Kursk NPP-2 facilities
  • Directorate at Novovoronezh NPP
  • Separate subdivision of Department of Mechanization and Motor Vehicles of NIKIMT-Atomstroy JSC, Kurchatov
  • Representative office of NIKIMT-Atomstroy JSC in the Republic of Belarus
  • Branch of NIKIMT-Atomstroy JSC in the People's Republic of Bangladesh
  • Branch of NIKIMT-Atomstroy JSC in the Arab Republic of Egypt

Research competencies

NIKIMT-Atomstroy JSC is the leading material organization as well as the leading organization for non-metallic, polymeric materials and coatings. Products of NIKIMT-Atomstroy JSC are supplied to all operating power units and those under construction, enterprises of nuclear fuel cycle, small power engineering, oil and gas complex in Russia and abroad.

NIKIMT Institute provides process and instrumental support in two main directions: welding in assembly production and welding in nuclear technology. In the field of non-destructive testing of metal condition NIKIMT has developed unique technologies, procedures and means on the basis of radiation, acoustic, magnetic and other methods.

NIKIMT renders a wide range of services in design, 3D-modeling, development of design documentation as well as direct manufacturing of non-standardized and non-standard equipment, including with higher complexity. Research and technical developments of the institute form the basis for unique products which are manufactured at the pilot plant and then supplied to all operating NPPs and those under construction, enterprises of nuclear fuel cycle, small power engineering, oil and gas complex.

Certification Center of NIKIMT-Atomstroy JSC has been training and certifying inspectors in non-destructive and destructive testing methods for more than 50 years. It is the only center in Russia that has the right to certify non-destructive testing specialists in three certification systems:

  • Nuclear power;
  • Hazardous production facilities subordinated to Rostechnadzor;
  • European standards — DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024

Range of output products

  • welding equipment with special TV-systems for weld joint quality control;
  • modular removable thermal insulation;
  • centrifugal extractors;
  • capacitive equipment;
  • pipeline units;
  • air ducts;
  • supporting metal structures;
  • embedded parts;
  • circulating water pipelines;
  • coupling connections of fittings;
  • metal structures (monorails, crane equipment with lifting capacity up to 10 tons);
  • non-standard equipment for NPPs;
  • various equipment for storage and processing of radioactive waste

NIKIMT-Atomstroy JSC products are supplied to all operating NPPs and those under construction in Russia and abroad, including Kursk NPP-2, Kudankulam NPP (India), Akkuyu NPP (Turkey), Rooppur NPP (Bangladesh).