The AtomSkills-2020 professional skills industry championship started in a remote format

On July 24, AtomSkills-2020, the 5th championship of professional skills of Rosatom State Corporation was officially opened.

This year, the championship will be held for the first time in a remote format. Competitions will be held for 24 competencies starting from July 25 to August 9, then from August 10 to August 20, 2020 and the results will be summed up.

More than 1,300 people take part in the championship, including employees of Rosatom State Corporation enterprises, students and teachers of higher educational institutions, as well as representatives of enterprises in other industries for the first time.

The opening ceremony was attended by Mr. Alexey Likhachev, Director General of Rosatom, Mrs. Tatyana Terentyeva, Rosatom HR Director, and Mr. Robert Urazov, Director General of the “Young professionals” (WorldSkills, Russia) Union.

Addressing the participants, Mr. Alexey Likhachev noted that for 5 years of existence, the AtomSkills has become the world’s largest professional skills championship based on the WorldSkills. According to the Director General of Rosatom, this year’s championship is held as openly as possible: “Not only employees and students of nuclear universities, but also representatives of other industrial companies, students of schools, colleges and universities outside the Rosatom circuit participate in the competition. This is a very good opportunity to compare the level of your professional skills not only with each other, but also to study the experience of others.”

Mrs. Tatiana Terentieva noted that AtomSkills brings together over 7 thousand people. “This is not just a competition, it is a large friendly community of experts, participants, and those who facilitate the development and improvement,” she said.

Thirty-eight people from Rosatom Engineering Division participate in the competition. They participate in competitions in various competences: engineering design, cost estimation, welding technologies, corporate protection against internal threats to information security, environmental protection/ecology, business software solutions, process systems of energy facilities, network and system administration, information security and lifecycle management.

Fourteen (14) representatives of the Engineering Division are among the experts of the championship, who organize the activities in different competencies and ensure refereeing.

The closing ceremony and awarding of the winners of the AtomSkills-2020 summer online session will take place on August 21, 2020.

Reference: the AtomSkills championship has been held since 2016 and is the world’s largest corporate professional skill championship based on the WorldSkills method. AtomSkills participants become competence experts, members of the Rosatom national team, and win the WorldSkills Hi-Tech National championship.