The vessel with equipment for power units No.3, 4 of Kudankulam NPP has left the port of Saint-Petersburg

The vessel with the equipment for power units No.3, 4 of Kudankulam NPP left the port of Saint-Petersburg and made its way towards the Republic of India. This is the 17th shipload during the project implementation and the first one – after the restrictive measures related to prevention further spread of COVID-19.
“In the context of the restrictions imposed in Russia and India, Rosatom State Corporation Engineering Division, the Indian customer, Russian manufacturers, the port of Saint-Petersburg have kept on working, meeting all the measures prescribed, on the construction of the second phase of Kudankulam NPP”, - the Director for projects in India, Vladimir Angelov, informed.
“It is necessary to make a specific mention on the well-coordinated work of the employees responsible for the cargo handling and execution. The deadline for shipment was reduced by 37%”, he added.
Such significant equipment as air locks of the passive heat removal system for power unit No.3, condensate demineralizer filters for power units No.3 and 4, core catcher sacrificial materials, control and protection system drives, transfer cask, surge tanks outside the containment, blow down deaerator for power unit No.4 was shipped to the NPP construction site. The 17th shipload also included filters, pipelines, valves, stationary penetrations and pumps.
Total volume of equipment amounts to over 4 200 m3. The scheduled arrival of the shipload at the construction site of Kudankulam is expected to be in the second decade of July 2020.

Engineering Division's Communications Department

For reference:

Power units No 3, 4 and 5, 6 are the second and the third stages of Kudankulam NPP constructed under AES-92 design with VVER-1000 (V-412) reactor type. The technical solutions implemented in Kudankulam design characterize further evolutionary development VVER-reactor NPPs of high power and transition to creation of a new, reliable, safe and feasible power unit.
New power units of Kudankulam NPP comply with the most up-to-date safety requirements of the IAEA.
The developer - the technical customer of the facility - is Nuclear Power Corporation of India. The general designer and supplier of equipment is ASE EC JSC.
Currently, power units No. 1, 2 of Kudandulam NPP are operating at the capacity established by the grid operator’s schedule.
The radiation level at Kudankulam NPP and its location area corresponds to the level of normal operation of power units and does not exceed natural background values.