The first key milestone has been accomplished at the Kursk NPP-2 construction site

The first key milestone, namely "Fire extinguishing systems availability (using the band-aid circuit) for the start of installing an auxiliary power supply cable” has been completed at the Kursk NPP-2 construction site (the general contractor for the NPP construction being ASE JSC, the Engineering Division of Rosatom State Corporation). The previous key milestones related to construction works only, but from now, the implementation of the electrical works takes the count.

The fire extinguishing systems have been installed by specialists from the three contractors, such as NIKIMT-Atomstroy JSC, Concern Titan-2 JSC and SEM LLC. 1,519 meters of pipelines were laid.

From now on, the fire extinguishing systems are going be introduced at 17 NPP facilities under construction in three stages: first, at the domestic and potable water supply pumping station with two fire-fighting water tanks; further in 330 kV switchgear, MCR buildings and in normal operation system cable ducts; at the third stage, in the reactor building, auxiliary reactor building and normal operation power supply building.

The commissioning of the fire extinguishing systems meets the requirements of the Russian Federation legislation, allowing the large-scale laying of cable and wire products not until the fire extinguishing systems are ready in the corresponding buildings and premises.
“The possibility of starting the large-scale laying of cable and wire products is an important stage of the NPP construction. It is a prerequisite for implementing the key technological milestone of 2022, i.e. auxiliary power supply using the band-aid circuit, ”Oleg Shperle, Vice President - Director for the Kursk NPP-2 project said.

Communications Division
of the Rosatom State Corporation Engineering Division

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