Head of Egyptian Nuclear Power Plant Authority Visits Volgodonsk

Volgodonsk, Russia, 28 July 2021 - A high-ranking Egyptian delegation led by Amged El-Wakeel, Chairman of the Board of Egypt’s Nuclear Power Plant Authority (NPPA), has visited Russia’s southernmost nuclear power plant, Rostov Nuclear Power Plant, which is based in Volgodonsk.

The delegation also included the Chairman of the Egyptian Nuclear and Radiological Regulatory Authority (ENRRA) Sami Shaaban, Vice President and Director of the El-Dabaa NPP Construction Project of JSC ASE Grigory Sosnin, and representatives of Rosatom’s Engineering Division JSC ASE and NPPA.

Rostov Nuclear Power Plant has 4 power units with a total capacity of 4,071 MW. This is the most powerful energy facility in the south of Russia, responsible for 75% of the electricity used in the Rostov region and about 30% of the electricity uded in the South and North Caucasian Federal Districts.

During its visit, the delegation inspected the central control panel, which manages the distribution of Rostov NPP-generated electricity, as well as the main control room and the turbine hall of power unit No. 4. NPP employees also took time to answer the Egyptian team’s questions.

The delegation also visited the Volgodonsk-based enterprise Atommash JSC, where they inspected reactor vessel manufacturing facilities.

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