Participants of BIM-Management project have created unique digital models of historical Nizhny Novgorod architecture

Digital copies of over 100 objects of the 16th All-Russia Industrial and Art Exhibition of 1986 were the results of the work of graduates of the third stream of the international educational and practical BIM-Management project (information/digital modeling), which is being implemented by “Engineering Design” Industry Competence Center established on the basis of Rosatom State Corporation Engineering Division jointly with Vysotskiy consulting, Nizhny Novgorod State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering and Nizhny Novgorod Regional Division “Russian Students Construction Brigade” with the support of Ministry of Urban Planning and Agglomeration Development of Nizhny Novgorod and Agency for Strategic Initiatives.

During the 6-month online training organized according to “knowledge in exchange for result” principle, about 1000 participants mastered the up-to-date technologies of information modeling, methods of team work, learned to comply with the deadlines during the implementation of BIM-projects and create digital models of historical buildings on the basis of drawing copies provided by the State Archive of St. Petersburg.

Training was conducted using Russian software. In the 2022-2023 stream, the traditional partners Renga Software, SCoft and Ascon were joined by 2GIS company which from 1999 has been producing electronic reference books of the same name with city maps, and VR Concept - the developer of software for virtual reality.

“The exhibition of 1896 which was called a great exhibition by its contemporaries was the largest in the history of Russia of the 19th century. Creation of its objects is a tribute to our history which we should be proud of”, said Alexey Agafonov, Director for Support and Development of Design Production of Atomenergoproekt JSC, Head of Industry Competence Center “Engineering Design” of Rosatom State Corporation. This is a tribute to the participants of BIM-Management project, which created the digital models of the already existing buildings and, certainly, the expression of our gratitude to Tatiana Pavlovna Vinogradova, who is devoted to our city and has made a significant contribution to reconstruction of the past events”.

“The result of the third stream is probably the most impressive for architectural, engineering and historical knowledge about our city, - said Marina Rakova, Minister of Urban Planning and Agglomeration Development of the Nizhny Novgorod region. - All the digital models created as part of the educational course will be included in the map of the 3D-city portal and will take their historical places in the nearest future”.

To learn more about the 1896 Exhibition and to see the works of the participants, visit the website: https://цифровые-волонтеры.рф/1896.

According to the results of the three streams, about 6 000 participants from 40 countries took part in the project, more than 1400 buildings and structures of Nizhny Novgorod and Yekaterinburg were modeled. Digital copies of the objects of Nizhny Novgorod are included in the information and analytical system of the Nizhny Novgorod region 3D-City.

In 2021, the project was awarded a special diploma of the national competition of professional project management in the field of sustainable development GPM Awards Russia 2021. In 2022, the project received a certificate of compliance with the international standard Green Project Management P5 (GPM P5) in the field of sustainable project management. The idea to develop the project “Creation of infrastructure for the development of information modeling technologies on the basis of educational and practical project BIM-management” is included in the list of TOP-200 ideas among more than 14 500 ideas of the Forum “Strong Ideas for New Times”. In December 2022, the project received a positive conclusion of the working group of the Expert Council of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives “Human Capital” and received the support of ASI.

All information about the project is available at:

Rosatom is an active participant in the digitalization of Russian industry and implements a number of import substitution projects for industrial software both in the nuclear industry and in other fields of the country's economy. The educational program of the BIM-Management training course uses modern technologies and Russian software, which are successfully introduced in the nuclear industry as part of programs to achieve technological sovereignty. The quickest possible transition to domestic IT-products in the design of nuclear power units is one of the key tasks set before the specialists by the industry and the Russian government.