The Software for Safety Estimation of Atomenergoproekt JSC Nuclear Facilities Has Been Certified by FB SEC NRS

The Federal Budgetary Scientific and Engineering Centre for Nuclear and Radiation Safety (FB SEC NRS, subordinate to Rostechnadzor) has certified “BARS 3.0” computer programme developed by Atomenergoproekt JSC (belonging to the Rosatom State Corporation Engineering Division). The software is intended for modeling and calculation of safety indices, durability and reliability of nuclear facilities (NF).

The successful certification capacitates the software being put into operation.

The BARS 3.0 software is used to justify safety, conduct a probabilistic safety analysis, analyze reliability of systems and elements, analyze readiness and justify NF operating procedures pending the subsequent licensing.

The domestic software’s potential is much higher than that of its foreign counterparts, such as in particular, the Risk Spectrum PSA software previously used by nuclear industry enterprises. "BARS 3.0" has been developed in accordance with up-to-date requirements of the domestic and international scientific and technical documentation and is included now in the Register of Russian Software of the Ministry of Digital Development; moreover, it has been certified by Rostekhnadzor. The software can be used at nuclear power plants and other nuclear facilities, hazardous production facilities, as well as for all types of nuclear power plants.

BARS 3.0 phases out imports, and reduces as well the cost of design products by the rejected purchase of the expensive foreign software.
For reference:
Atomenergoproekt JSC has been developing its own software for the past 20 years. The foundations of the mathematical tooling of such software and a range of computer programmes that are similar in purpose to the BARS software, were developed by leading scientists of the USSR and RF Navy; while finalizing the software and taking into account the NF features, they used the works of citizen scientists.

In 2022, a group of Atomenergoproekt JSC specialists completed the development of an import-independent version of the BARS 3.0 computer programme. Apart from nuclear industry enterprises, Roskosmos, the United Shipbuilding Company, the RF Navy and other organizations and educational institutions take interest in the programme, too.

The industry’s advanced development depends directly on the transition to the up-to-date background technology and domestic digital solutions. The country's leaders set an objective to ensure the large-scale adoption of Russian IT solutions by all strategic industries. Rosatom takes an active part in this work, by coordinating creation of the localized software to be applied in various ways.