Kursk NPP-2

Location Makarovka site, Kurchatov district, Kursk region
Type of reactor VVER-TOI
Number of Power Units 2
General Designer JSC ASE EC
General Contractor ASE Group of Companies


Kursk NPP-2is being constructed in order to replace the decommissioned Power Units of the operating Kursk NPP. Commissioning of the first two Power Units of Kursk NPP-2 is planned to be synchronized with the decommissioning of Unit 1& 2 of the operating NPP. The Makarovka site was selected after engineering and environmental survey. In 2013, the state environmental expert committee approved the decision to construct Units No. 1 and Unit 2 of Kursk NPP-2 at the selected site on the basis of the documents to justify investment in construction (Feasibility Study), environmental impact assessment (EIA) and safety analysis report.